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Straumann® Emdogain™
Emdogain gel is designed to regenerate the tissue that supports and anchors the teeth. Typically, Emdogain is used as an adjunct to periodontal surgery and has been proven a very effective therapy. Periodontal surgeries typically see better results with the help of Emdogain and the outcomes of surgical procedures are more predictable.

With Emdogain, Dr. Gutt typically sees equal or better root coverate and attachment than in surgical cases in which Emdogain is not used. In fact, recent studies have indicated that Emdogain leads to less post-surgical discomfort. The wealth of scientific evidence supporting the science behind Emdogain shows that it is a leading product in periodontal regeneration.

How does it work?

Emdogain is applied directly to the surfaces of the root during periodontal procedures. The gel, which is comprised of a number of proteins that self-assemble to create a matrix, has been shown to promote bone and tissue regeneration. Because it is comprised of proteins natural to the human body, Emdogain has shown no allergic or immunologic reactions.



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