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For many years, periodontists, general dentists, and dental hygienists have used scraping tools, medications, lasers, and periodontal surgery to remove tartar from teeth and to kill the bacteria that cause periodontal diseases. But because clinicians are unable to see clearly below the gums, sometimes the disease-causing deposits are not completely removed, leading to a quick return of the bacteria.

An advanced tool called a Perioscope can be used to overcome the limitations of the human eye in periodontal treatment. The Dental Endoscope, or Perioscope, is a tiny fiber optic camera less than 1mm in diameter that illuminates and magnifies the root of the tooth under the gum up to 48 times . This allows a skilled clinician like Dr. Mark Gutt to accurately locate previously undetectable root deposits.

Positioned between conventional scaling and root planing and periodontal surgery, this therapy can offer patients a less invasive alternative treatment approach for some non-responsive periodontal problems. Perioscopy makes use of miniature, diamond-tipped instruments to remove subgingival tartar without damaging any gum tissue or teeth roots. Gums heal naturally and periodontal regeneration may occur if regenerative proteins are used in conjunction with Perioscopy.

The ability to view root surfaces and to see the tartar that is present below the gum line will significantly change the approaches that we take with patients. We are now able to offer patients, especially those who fear or refuse surgery, an alternative and minimally invasive procedure to help treat their periodontal disease.

Dr. Mark Gutt was the first dental practitioner in South Florida to offer Perioscopy (1991).



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